Motivated by the meditative qualities of the creative process, volovisions is a bridge project between the visual and audio arts. Having taken a deep dive into the world of music production under the alias ‘VOLO’, crafting deeply emotive & cinematic soundscapes that resonate with a heartfelt spirit, he has developed a richly visual and synesthetic relationship with sound. Listening to and crafting music will often influence new visual ideas, as these two artforms are in a constant flow with each other.

A painting’s origin begins with a sketch to envision a composition. Sketches are then refined into pen drawings and translated onto canvas to reveal layers of texture and color. Each canvas is its own journey and becomes a portal into the myriad of “unseen” layers of existence. By cultivating a daily meditative practice and avid dream journaling, he finds there is much to express. The art gives a voice to his mystical encounters and offers a vehicle to convey ethereal symbolism into form.