Synergy: An Inter-Dimensional Coloring Book

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Each drawing within ‘Synergy’ is its own voyage – a portal into the myriad layers of existence. These designs are imbued with information from the artist’s mystical encounters, and offer a vehicle to convey ethereal symbolism into form. Volovisions is a bridge project between the visual & audio arts. By taking a deep dive into the world of music production under the alias ‘VOLO since 2014, he’s crafted profoundly emotive & cinematic soundscapes. Composing music has developed his synesthetic and kinesthetic relationship to sound. Listening and dancing to music influences new visual ideas which speak to the symbiotic flow between these mediums. May this collection offer you a chance to wander through a harmonizing and introspective coloring journey wherever you go.

This coil-bound coloring book offers 20 original hand-drawn illustrations by volovisions, printed on white matte paper. Ideal for use with colored pencil, but can also be used with pens/markers!